WYNNS EGR 3 Miracle Product?


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Ok perhaps that’s over stating it a bit, but has anyone tried it?

I got this can to try from a Wynns rep, (but I’m not on here to sell). Never heard of it myself and thought it couldn’t do any harm.

Our Audi TDI with VNT turbo 80,000 miles, normal use like everyone else. (not thrashed)

In the 80,000 miles a few little things have happened to our custom mapped TDI. The idle, while smooth-ish is just starting to be a bit more noticeable in the cabin with vibration. It prefers to go into 4th instead of staying in fifth at low revs and it was just starting to feel a little sluggish again with more vibration in the cabin. Even though its always on the button for service and top service parts are used. I thought that over its life compression may have dropped a bit and the engine mounts may have seen better days.

Wynns EGR 3 200ml can (professional range not normally a retail product)
1: Get the engine warm
2: Remove the flexible hose after the MAF and spray in short burst into the air intake. (no more than 2 seconds or the deadly diesel knock occurs).
3: Repeat until ½ of the can is used (revs will climb when sprayed and drop off each time)
4: reconnect hose.

1: Remove flexible hose after the intercooler near to the intake manifold and repeat above till the can is gone.
2: let it idle for 1 min
3: run car for 3 miles no higher than 2500RPM.

Took the car out and it felt like it did 80,000miles ago driving it home from the dealer. Pick up was vastly improved from low revs and car is now happy again to stay in 5th. Idle vibration is eliminated to the point of not feeling the engine through the chassis at all. And it just feels soooo smooth.


Placebo, snake oil, the BHP effect of a K&N (see other thread) I don’t like these products and never really have, probably why the rep gave me a can.

But this must have stripped the crud off of the variable vanes on the turbo. i.e. the breather system crap that modern emission engines are required to do to slowly eat themselves. They clearly now work again as they should and this must help the partial throttle low revs pick up (at the point when the vanes are at a low angle). The rest must but a combination of the vanes and the stripping of the rubbish in the manifold, pipework, valves and EGR. I have never used a product that has ever been very noticeable apart from this one. and i will definately use it in a year or so...

Just thought I would let you know!! :hi:
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172k miles in my Passat TDI PD Unkle, and still running strong. Regularly serviced without fail, the only thing I make a habit of changing every service though is the fuel filter and a can of injector cleaner, as they are not too expensive, runs very well still!


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Wynns stop smoke is supposed to work really well in DERVs as well. Can't personally vouch for it as I've never used it, although I do generally rate Wynn's products.


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I have never had much faith in additives of any kind TBH, and i didn't use it because i had a problem which was why i was so surprised. I just got handed it as a sceptic, on a car i knew was in good condition. But i thought, what the heck its free and so i gave it a go!

My car gets all the service parts and oil and filter change every year regardless of variable service interval indicator. The oil is always Shell Ultra Extra, brake fluid every 2 years flushed at Audi etc, etc. I suppose that’s why i was so surprised.

But saying all this, the one thing we can't get around is that the TDI and all new engines just recycle and recycle, basically eating themselves due to the emissions and the breather, Unless you have an oil catch tank. But no matter what you do whether its disconnecting the EGR (not possible on my EU4 as it shows a fault code ) or catch tanks it still gets gunked up...
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