Wu11ie's A4 B6 1.8t Quattro thread.....


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Well since I'm planning on keeping this for a while I've decided to start a build thread,

I've only had it for a few weeks so I've not done much yet, this is how I got it.


First thing I done was colour code the chrome grill surround and the 4 rings to black and put my number plate on to hide the old girls age lol, I think it looks a lot better.


Then I added some white LED's to the boot, I think Audi thought we had night vision with the terrible lighting they installed, this is how it currently looks, I can actually find stuff in there now.


I'll add more as I go :)


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Forgot to add these,

New headlight switch and surround, no more nasty scratches,


The number plate lights were completely gubbed so I opted for an LED strip instead with the old units removed.