just finished cleaning my car and noticed on the MMI screen the following marks. Anyone know what these are. Used a clean microfibre cloth. There was a tiny rough dot in the centre of the marks. After cleaning that area it's left the marks you can see on the screen. It cant be seen at alltimes but at the right angle it is very visible. It's like the coating of the screen has come away. Anyone know if you can actually replace the screen itself.


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Just looked online and it appears to be the anti glare coating which has come off. It's ridiculous I used a clean micro fibre cloth and water. How soft is this coating. Anyone know if audi will cover it under warranty as it should not come off so easy. I was not exactly rubbing hard.


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I don't know how its happened but I clean mine also with a micro fibre cloth and the screen is fine. The only thing you can do is to see if audi will fix it under the warranty, however I forsee problems...


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I would feel the same...
just providing a follow up on this.

took this to my dealer yesterday who says that the screen has been hit with a sharp object. I am the sole driver of my vehicle and have not struck my screen so my thoughts were that the dealer must have done it when replacing the trim.

however upon going back through some photos that Audi Manchester sent me they sent me one of the screen and it shows this mark on the screen in the exact same place.

so it seems that the damage was there when i was sold the car - i had not noticed before as you cant see it when the screen is lit and i only noticed it the first time i cleaned the screen when the engine was off.

i know that its the old buyer beware when getting car but does anyone think i should push this issue.

my dealer wants £1345 to replace the screen

car was an audi approved vehicle.

Paul Golding

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"my dealer wants £1345 to replace the screen" FFS! It's not even made by Apple.

Really gutted for you, but I imagine the dealer doesn't feel obliged to point out every defect in a car they sell. Hopefully, you'll be able to find someone that can replace the screen (or the coating?) for a reasonable price.


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It sucks but can't really see any prospect of a resolution from the dealer as it isn't a warranty issue. Just hope you can live with it. I noticed a scratch in the anti-glare coating of my VC display shortly after the car had been in for a service. Figured there was no way of knowing how or when it happened and it was only visible from a certain angle. If it still bothers you in a while, see if you can find a protective film or something.


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There does appear to be methods used to completely remove anti-glare coatings on lcd monitors and plastic lenses using rubbing alcohol. But I would advise caution as it could make it worse. Goggle it...

Evil Derboy

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Your window to get this fixed for free was when buying the car unfortunately.

A cheaper solution for you:

I have an old plasma TV in my garage which had been abused and moved around a few times to the point that the anti glare coating was badly scratched. I used a DA rotary (the kind you use for polishing cars) along with some medium strength polish and used it to remove the entire coating from the screen. The resultant finish left the screen looking like new (minus the coating of course but can’t say I miss it).


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Don't plasma's have a glass screen though?