WTCC at Brands Today


Four Wheel Drifting
Anyone going?
I was there with the Seat lot. We were all parked in a line on the South Bank opposite the Seat lorries. I spoilt the show by turning up in the S3 rather than the Ibiza, but we had over 20 Seats all in a row.

Seat UK were very good to us - they gave us 30 free weekend entry tickets including paddock access, plus 20 of us got a chance to be driven round the track in a Leon FR by one of their drivers yesterday evening. I was in the car with Yvan Muller - I thought he was really ragging it until he was overtaken by another one of the Seat drivers. Yvan didn't like that so decided to retake his 'position'. I've done a lot of track days but I was absolutely amazed at his driving.

Later on in the session Yvan and Monteniro (spelling) were pulling handbrake turns at Druids. Amazing.

As to the racing - wasn't as good as I though it would be - not much overtaking or side by side action as there is in BTCC, but a fun day all the same.
Oh, just got a link to this as well. Some of the other Seat guys out with Yvan - and Yvan getting told off by one of the organisers for making the tyres squeal. FFS!
i used to enjoy seeing the likes of the BMW`s , nissan, renault etc when the cars were bigger and the racing was better.

only seen a few of the moden touring car races and probally stopped following it about 5 years ago as it turned into the astra cup imo.

saw one recently and they spun a wheel to decide something like pole position ???? what the frell is that all about