Wotbox settings ?


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Hi guys! I've just bought a WOTBOX for my Audi A4 1.8T B6. Can someone please tell me the settings required to pop and bang on no lift shift ? There's a lot of vids of 1.8T vag range with a wotbox popping and banging when accelerating? What settings do I need to input? Can anyone help me


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why ? would you want an audi to pop and bang ?

What does it matter to you? It's my car so it's going to be tailored to MY specifications which I don't see why it should be your concern. If you have nothing relevant to say in relation to my query, then please do not comment on MY posts. Have a good day!


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oOoOoOo touchy

it was a question if you don't want to share with an answer then pick the dummy up and calm down,

you will go a long long way on this or any forum with replys like this.