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Worthwhile Mods?

Fourmx May 2, 2014

  1. Fourmx

    Fourmx New Member

    Just recently purchased my A4 Sline 2.0tfsi (FWD) about a month back. I had been pretty disappointed with the power at first, but then i thought ah well, its a nice looking car, and isn't the worlds slowest il live with it.

    I then started browsing some Audi forums and came across multiple topics going on about the Diverter valve. Anyway i thought id order the new style OEM one to replace mine, with the forge blow off adapter. Tbh all i was hoping for was a bit better sound, and reliability in-case i ever decided to have it remapped, but when i came to fit the new DV valve, i found my old one was completely ruined, multiple splits all the way around. In went the new one, and jesus christ! i must of gained 50bhp! completely transformed it!

    Anyway, im now in love with it, and looking to do some worthwhile mods, both aesthetic and performance wise, any suggestions?
  2. brownie 25

    brownie 25 Member

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