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Worth the swap? Prefl rs3 to ttrs

Boj27 Oct 31, 2019

  1. Boj27

    Boj27 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Hi all,

    Im in a lucky enough position to maybe think about swapping my prefl rs3 for a ttrs. I’ve found 2 great spec examples from 2 private owners on Auto trader, and with 2 of them under 39k. One is a 66 reg with 12k miles/3 owners and one is a 67 reg with 26k miles/2 owners, both very similarly specced bar a few options. Think the 66 reg has the carbon interior and engine covers and matrix front lights where as the other 67 reg has oled rears and Audi side assist, so its swings and roundabouts really, but the rest of the spec is the same, I.e sports exhaust, mag ride, TPMS, RS design, red stitched interior, comfort and sound, black pack etc etc.

    my prefl is fully loaded, bar adaptive cruise control and side assist. I’m a little worried I’m going to miss the engine note and the pops and bangs, as with the ttrs I believe you must have the bangs mapped in and from what I’ve heard, it just sounds artificial and downright atrocious compared to the genuine article from factory like on my prefl.

    I know the fl cars are quite a bit quicker on the dragy devices, but I’m not really much of a number chaser, as long as it feels fast. I’m more about road appeal and turning heads. I feel the ttrs is rarer and will certainly get more looks over my prefl, but then again more people seem to recognise the rs3 over the ttrs, the ttrs being the more niche car.

    financially, I am looking to do some home improvements on a house I’ve acquired over the next couple of years - I own my rs3 outright, but I was looking to sell it and get 31-33k out of it, and then take a 25k loan over 60 months @ 2.9%, which works out to be £447 a month. if I then used 12k or so out of the cash I free up, it would leave me with a good 20 grand to go towards improvements and a loan which may be for 5 years but at a low low rate of interest.

    I guess I’m just wanting to make sure it will be a decision worth while - not a smart choice as cars never are, but you have to have a vice and some fun in your life.

    is it worth the swap?
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  3. PabloManc

    PabloManc Registered User

    Nice to have those choices, I love TTs, I think they have a lot more character than an A3 but thats just personal choice. I would test drive both and see how they feel. By the way, Matrix headlights.....if you havent driven at night on a country road using headlight assist with matrix LEDs, you havent lived they are unbelievably good its like driving a lighthouse.

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