Worst experience ever.


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I know this is not really A3/ S3 related ( well a little ) , but this is where i know the most people, and i only sold my S3 3 weeks ago.

As said sold the S3 2 weeks a go , new baby new car Q5 as many of you know.

Was up until 2 am with the baby feeding , went to bed passed baby to wife .
went for a kip in the spare room.

Wife comes in and wakes me up at 3.15 am saying she heard voices downstairs and the dogs barking.

I think i am still asleep SERIOUSLY.

Here sound of a car

Look out of bedroom window still thinking i am dreaming...

There goes my brand new 59 plate 37000 grand car.

Run downstairs.

Nothing is missing , except both our mobile phones..

Back door wide open , dog passed out on floor. She is a big boxer dog.

Grab landline ring police , they are here in 10 minutes.

Cant even remember the registration number , baby screaming.

Find insurance documents for reg number..

Policy expired 13th December...4 hours before they stole it.

Throw up on kitchen floor , keeping quite about it as police still there, baby screaming louder and louder.

Police go , realise thief have the house keys..

Stay up till 8 am , ring insurance company , they inform me that as i paid annually , not monthly as i did the year before that the policy does not automatically renew it self.

Climb into bed ( spare room ) tears in eyes. Don't sleep.

9am cid arrive and inform me that round the corner 1 hour before mine an S3 was stolen , but they could not find the keys in the house , so they put a gun to the wifes head until the husband found them.

Well i guess my car is now on a ship somewhere...

If that is not enough , i had a set of S3 alloy wheels in the car when they stole it that where sold , being collected in the morning..from work so i had put them in ready.

Been feeling very sick since.


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I really dont know what to say :wtf:


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So sorry to here about this patrick, so glad your family is okay.


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Good god man, I hope it all works out ok for you.


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I am so, so sorry to hear about this, but thank god that your family is safe. I don't know what else to say.


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Crypric that is terrible, heart goes out to you. We all work ****** hard for the good things in life and these toerags just come and terrorise....I hope the police find your car and if there is a positive, nobody was physically hurt.
What area are you in and did either car have a tracking device fitted?


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No tracker as i have gap insurance ( although that's void ) , always thought if it does go then i don't want it back , so did not have a tracker for said reason.


Crypric that is terrible, heart goes out to you. We all work ****** hard for the good things in life and these toerags just come and terrorise....I hope the police find your car and if there is a positive, nobody was physically hurt.

Couldn't have put it better myself, hope it gets sorted and they find the b**t**ds that did it! :mad:

Ash B

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Not even sure what to say. I had to read over all that twice, i'm speechless! Glad your wife and little one was fine. Gutted for you mate!
Hope this mess gets sorted soon.


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Really sorry to hear that news :(

All you got to think is wife and child are ok........

At the end of the day if you still have them safe and sound your ok.


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God I am so sorry to hear this. Makes me feel sick inside. Hope it all works out for you mate.



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holy **** thats unreal gets to the point where you wonder is it worth having a decent car anymore. Im so paranoid i have my S3 keys with me here in dubai


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Get it posted on Pistoheads stolen car bit.

Hope you find it and get some money back!


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Oh also not wanting to sound dodgy but could it not have been stolen before 12??


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Dreadful news but thank god you and your family are all safe and well. I know it's no consilation but the car can be replaced at least you are all physically untouched.

Do some investigation on the car insurance side of things as I always thought there was a period of grace after renewal, it seems very unjust.

Kiss the mrs and cuddle your daughter Patrick and try and concentrate on making them feel safe and well.

I have no words mate but I'm sure we are all thinking of you.


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Im really sorry to hear this, some people just have no morals.

Glad to hear that you and your family are safe though.


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gutted for you mate. like everyone has said least the family are ok. this sort of thing makes my blood boil. as said before are you sure it wasnt taken at say 11.30ish the day before.


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Wow, I cant belive such a bad thing could happen. Almost like a worst nightmare! As others have said....At least they didnt take anyones lives aswell. Hope the scum who took it get a fecking good beating! :asskicking: and you find out whats happend to it.


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sorry to read about this, you always think this kinda stuff doesn't happen to you but these stories show you that it can happen to anyone!

the main thing is that your family is safe, much more important than the car! car can be replaced, family can't so just so glad your family is ok.

good luck with everything and keep us all posted please.


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Mate im so sorry to hear this! I read it and just couldnt believe it at first! Thankfully you, your wife and the little one are all ok!

Where abouts are you from mate?

Hope they catch these scumbags!

Still cant believe this myself! So sorry pal!


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:ohmy: Speachless mate...really don't know what to say...it's good that your family is alright. I hope they find the car soon.


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OMFG mate...

I am so sorry to hear.

I've met you in person and you're such a nice guy - you didnt deserve this at all.

Godsmacked mate - I really dont know what to say..

It could have been worse mate but im only up the road so if you do need anything mate and i mean anything, drop me a PM or I'll PM you my number if you want. Im off uni so dont mind giving you hand as things must be rough...

Might be worth putting up pics and reg numbers mate.

I hope everything does work out mate - i really hope it does...

Take care fella


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Wow, totally shocked at your post. Its so unbelievable this sort of thing could happen.

Hope everything works out for you mate


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As has already been said, at least you and the family are OK.

It could have been a lot worse - though probably hard to believe that at the moment. I hope it all works out for you :friends:


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I'm really sorry to hear about this. It pains me to say this but it's becoming all too common in the Greater Manchester/Liverpool conurbation. Mine, Leon's and two or three others off the forum (one was somebody's father's RS4) all stolen in the last twelve months.

First and foremost, the main thing is you and your family are ok.

Secondly, I think there is some kind of grace period for renewing insurance policies (as Spin140 has already said), so that's definitely worth looking into.

Last but not least, I hope they catch the scum who do this, as these are not one off incidents but many offences are committed by a single gang.

Take care and don't let it ruin your festive period too much.


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Dont know what to say mate what others havent already said, gutted for you. At least the misus and kid are ok


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Can only reiterate whats been said above really mate.

I too had to read through that twice.

Just glad the family didnt have to go through any of it, it could have been much worse.

Although I'm sure all of us telling you that wont help the fact that your potentially £37k out of pocket.

Was the dog ok too?

Feeling for you mate.

(Putting shoes on now to put S3 in garage)


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Thoughts go out to you mate, its horrendous, they are pure scum, nice to know you and your family are safe though, hope you sort the car situation out and recover from this soon.

Best wishes


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I cant tell you how sad this makes me feel, how can people do this kind of thing at this time of the year? It make you wonder if there is and decency left in people.

Cryptic, my best wishes to you and your family and Im so sorry to hear about this. As a victim of crime myself I can tell you things will get better no matter how bad they seem right now.


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Just speechless, like everyone else I had to read your post twice before it sunk in.

I really feel for you & your family Patrick as you come across as such a nice guy, at least none of your family have been hurt.

Dont know what else to say as I'm still in shock after reading this, I hope things sort themselves out & they catch the scum.

Best wishes


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Gutted for you mate!!!! I had to read twice, cause the story seems like a tv script, but unfortunately it really happened! Main thing, the family and you are in one piece.

I know how you feel, nearly two years ago someone broke into my house and cleaned it of everything valuable, including my trainers! Didn't have my car then, though.

You need some time to get over it.


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dog passed out on floor. She is a big boxer dog.

Sorry to hear. Glad to know that nobody was harmed.

Understand your mood right now, but how's the dog doing? If you can, it's best to send her for a checkup.


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Its sickening that this can happen to decent people in a so called civilised developed nation

Until punishments start to fit the crime then the uncomfortable truth is that this will continue to happen.

Chin up:icon_thumright:



S**t mate that's worse than awful. In your position I'd still be :puke:

Just echoing what other people have said: it's only a car and the main thing is you and your family are safe. But still :puke:

F*****g c***s, if they were in my yard with a gun to my wife's head...:gun2:

Time to start keeping a sawnoff under the bed people?


im so sorry to hear it buddy i really hope things work out you never know, like the guys said im glad your family are ok were all here for support hope your all ok and the dog
let us know of anything works out buddy everyone has their fingers crossed for you