Workshop Action / Recall Campaign


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I noticed on my digital service schedule that a 'workshop action' and a 'recall campaign' had been performed on my car.

Comment : Workshop action 90K9 completed

Comment : Recall campaign 24GP carried out

I have searched both of these and found that '90K9' was a software fix for the camera on the front windscreen.

However I could not found any info for '24GP' anywhere. Does anyone know what that was for?


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There is a campaign out there for an ecu software update that's due on my car. It doesn't seem to be a recall as my dealership isn't fussed as to how soon I have it done but will probably book it in around Easter time...


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My car is in for a minor repair and while it’s in they are going to carry out the 24GP software update. The job sheet says “It is possible that an abrupt change in Lambda value may occur due to a discrepancy in the engine ECU.”
Before this, I had only the faintest idea what a Lambda sensor is, but I now know that it measures oxygen levels in the engine emissions.