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So I’ll make it as brief as possible..
At work a lady has been signed off sick for a few weeks and I’ve been asked to cover for her. She’s had very little time off sick before as far as I’m aware.

Since then however my boss and business owner has been going around talking openly around the office about how she’s not coming back (cause he either has or is going to sac her) and he’s had enough, there’s people who want that job etc.

Ultimately it sounds like he wants me to have that job so wants to push her out. Upon attempting to find out what’s happening recently he even called her “past it”

This all seems way to open and rude. Do you agree?
Is he majorly doing something wrong here?

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Sounds like a job for a union! Can't just sack a person nowadays, gotta been seen to help the person better themselves

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Sounds dodgy to me. I don’t have a good understanding of the circumstances, but I’m sure she’s got grounds to seek a legal review.

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Sadly don’t have a union/hr department etc and the boss is a solicitor and knows his stuff but still seems to think he can just fire people. Even if he can’t, telling the office he has is just horrid.
As for helping a person better themselves Ohh this isn’t good.

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My partner worked at a solicitors for 14 years, in that time they moved her from the office she spent 10 years in that was 3 miles away to one that was 13 miles away and then one 23 miles away. In that time she never received any help towards the increased costs.
For the last 5 years she has suffered from increasing mobility issues to the point where they fabricated work related issues to put her on a final warning. She left and found a job at a much nicer local firm who actually care.
The point of this story is workers rights or not some companies don't care and will just make up issues to strengthen their case and solicitors are the worst!


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sadly sounds like the normal in this day and age as soon as someone is off sick thats it. but unless he is given out details to why shes off sick hes done nothing wrong so say unless he employes someone new or give you a contract with her job title he doing fine but then its all on her and if she been there less than 2 years its point less tryin anything.
belive it or not with all the right these days its still a dog eat dog and if you bring anythink uup you could be next on the list on people to get rid.

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There's a number of issues here.

The boss sounds like a very untrustworthy type.

He's breaching staff confidentiality.

Unfortunately, and contrary to belief, staff can be disciplined for being off ill. Some conditions are however ring fenced (e.g. A disability). The method of measuring what level of absence triggers action should however be pre-agreed as part of the employees contract or a published company policy so that it's clear to everyone. Companies I've worked for used the Bradford Scale which penalises frequent absence rather than say one longer term absence.

There may also be a question of discrimination?

Either way, would you really want to work for this guy long term.


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Sounds like a lot of corporate and ethical wrongdoing there.
I'd try stay out of it. At one place I worked at years ago, three women in the team had a beef against our manager. Not because he was acting like your managers. It was just because they did not like him. They'd bitch about him being useless, although his role - as a business manager - itself had very little impact on our individual jobs. It was a touchy-feely big company, so we all ended up in a hotel meeting room, with a HR facilitator, like some kind of therapy counselling group. The three women really laid into him in front of senior directors. When it came to my turn, I defended the guy saying I could not agree with all these (false) accusations they made. I said, really it boiled down to these three women not liking the guy and if they got rid of him, but we all adopted the same ****** attitude to his replacement, then we'd all be back here in three months time. Well, these women hated I dared stand up to them. I said they were just bullies, and I'd seen similar in the playground. As it turned out, they moved the poor guy on. And one of the women got promoted to his job, which was bad for me because she now became my manager. I knew my days were numbered. And so it turned out. Within weeks, she told me my work was not up to scratch. This despite me winning an award from one of our suppliers as having had the most positive impact on their business. She put me on disciplinary probation, at which point I told her to stuff the job. Looking back I should have proceeded with an unfair discrimination/dismissal type case. But I was just glad to get away. I did contact the HR director who acted as facilitator to say what had happened though. To which he replied, there were quite a few cases of bullying in the company.