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Been having trouble with hood see brilliant thread

[h=1]Audi A4 Cabriolet Soft Top/ Roof / Hood Motor Repair Guide by Vagpro[/h]
Hopefully fixed mine. Went back to garage had a moan and ask for print out of fault codes. They pointed to the switches attached to the motor at front of hood. However after a bit more checking there was a short showing on one of the switch wires.

They are going to trace back to see if any breaks in the wires.

However I have a smart top module fitted from mods4cars model STLFAI1. I removed this and hood works fine. Replaced it hood worked then didn't. This module ( older version ) was fitted when I bought the car and I had roof trouble, took it to Audi they said module had got water in it (doubtful) and had caused the problem, removed and hood worked. I fitted a new module as this is a really useful accessory that I used a lot. Lets you close hood whilst moving and opens closes hood from key fob. This new module seems to have now failed.

If any one out there is having problems and has one of these fitted that could be your problem.

I will be writing to mods4cars as this module is less than a year old and has potentially cost me £300 and a lot of time and trouble.

Would be interested to hear if anybody else has had the same problems with these modules.