Word of warning, 034 F/W and southbend clutches from USA


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Just a word of warning for anyone planning to go down that route. Especially TFSI Quattro guys.

I have their 'Stage 2 Daily' kit with a solid flywheel and had nothing but issues with them.

Link here

Since day one, the clutch was slipping REALLY bad. They assured me its normal, stay off boost etc until I've racked up some miles.

No problem I thought, after reading other forums, quite a few had this too.

Grip did start to get a bit better where it would be drivable.

Now a year down the line (8k miles on the clutch) when trying to pull away from junctions, or changing gear at high RPM, all it does is slip slip slip. Sent southbend an email again and they were anything but helpful. 034, no response they've washed their hands with it.

Southbend asked for the clutch back and to leave my car on someones ramp for 2-3 weeks whilst they may or may not repair the faulty clutch (their words not mine).

I advised them there is no way I am able to leave a car in someones workshop for that about of time, in bits (with me covering all the costs).

Then they told me to go out and buy another clutch from someone else, fit it, send theirs back. Once I received the (possibly) repaired clutch back, fit it again and throw out the other (now used) clutch.
Essentially doubling labour costs, and adding cost of another clutch into the equation. I refused this idea and instead asked for a full refund if I were to fit another clutch and send them theirs back. Nope refused.

I even offered to pay for a full new one upfront, which would be refunded once they receive this other one back, nope refused.

I do see it from their point of view. It may be broken and they've offered to (possibly) fix it. I get that they're under no obligation to help out. But given this has been ongoing since day one, I guess I expected a bit more help from their part.

So at the moment I am left £1k+ out of pocket for a 'stage 2' clutch thats worse than OEM. Bare in mind, this kit is rated at 395 ft/lbs. I'm still running a Ko3, so not like its running stupid power either (E.g ko4 or hybrid). The OEM clutch was slipping less before I pulled that out.

Apologies for the long post, and bit of a rant but I really hope it helps someone else avoid having to go through what I am.