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Ok so its was my brothers birthday, me, him and some of our friends go out for a meal then a few pints after and we just decided we would see where it headed, most of them ex work mates etc.

So a girl i used to work with came along an brought her flat mate, i got to know her asking what she did stuff like that over dinner so we head out to the pub for a few games of pool and when it comes to closing time we head to a club which quite frankly isnt my sort of thing but i made the most of it and had a good time.

Long story shortened the group split up and it was just me and her dancing for what felt like hours, she was a little tipsy but nothing like drunk nor was i, she starts hugging me and kissed me but i know she has a boyfriend so didnt want to go any further even tho she clearly doesnt like him and when i asked how come he wasnt here with you she said she didnt care, her and her flatmate and boyfriend went home a little while after this, anyway that was last night and today a few of us met up to watch a firework show after thinking how stupid i was not saying anything last night i said it today which she replies sorry for coming onto you.

Now im left feeling pretty crap tbh probably havent explained it properly but typing it out has helped abit.


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Valuable lesson there mate, a wise man once said "any hole is a gole". Hope this helps.

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She probably felt silly as you more a less rejected her. Dont worry always next time you all go out :) Chin up lad


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Dont worry about it, seems to me she's lackign a bit of attention at home and you got used for a quick snog.

Man up, move on....and try and nail all her single mates!.