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Wolfrace.co.uk experience !

Scotty75 May 4, 2019

  1. Scotty75

    Scotty75 Well-Known Member Sportback Team Brilliant Black Silver Supporter Audi A3 S-line owners group Manual

    Afternoon everyone.

    Some of you may already be aware that earlier this week i took delivery of a nice new set of alloy wheels and tyres for my A3. Purchased through https://www.carnoisseur.com/ with the actual order being fulfilled by Wolfrace. I spent the best part of £1k so all in all i was pretty pleased.

    Wheels arrived with tyres fitted and i have to say the quality of the wheels is great. Very happy with how they look. So after meticulously detailng the wheels and giving them a ceramic coating , i finally put the wheels on the car on thursday evening. Wheel nuts torqued to 120nm. Happy chap, much improved look for the A3.

    Get home from work friday evening to be told by the wife that the car drives badly now, at around 70mph vibration and shaking through the steering wheel that was not present the day before on the old s-line wheels.

    Bearing in mind that as part of the wheel and tyre packages from both Carnoisseur and Wolfrace , wheels come fitted and balanced using "Zero tolerance balancing". So off to the local reputable tyre specialist this morning, Saturday, which to be fair i was going to get alignment checked anyway as the new wheels are slightly wider and a different offset. What i wasnt planning on was having to get all four new wheels that have only been on the car for 36 hours, fully balanced.

    Across the four wheels , the weights were out by 240 grams. The tyre specialist was shocked as was i . What a disgrace from a reputable web retailer. Needless to say im going to try and get a refund for the cost of balancing from Wolfrace, though i cant say im hopeful.

    Just wanted to post a heads up to anyone in the market for new alloys to be aware.
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  3. X3man

    X3man Well known member Gold Supporter X3 M40i Carbon Black

    Jeez mate, that is really not on is it. Now ****** annoying! Inwould chase them down for some money back, out of principle as a minimum. That is really poor.
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