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Mar 29, 2007
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hey guy's im soooo ****** off was comming back from the airport yesterday and my brother was driving beside me and noticed my front passenger side wheel was wobbling! i just go my spacers put on last week too:mad: any way phoned the guy that put the spacers on and he's gona check the car out later on, hopefully nothing to serious.
If its wobbling you should be able to feel something through the steerig wheels I'd have thought. Even if the spacers weren't true it would mean the wheel would be out of balance..??

A bit obvious I know but you have checked all the bolts are tight..??
Yeah I would have expected you would feel it in the drive straight away if there was something off.
sorry guy's got busy. yea there h&r hubcentric spacers . by the way there was a defect in the front two spacers and he took them off and gona get some more today.
i got the wheel balanced and the wheels fine he got me new spacers but the wrong type!......... ******
got to weight to thursday for some eibeach ones.
Don't forget that you need longer wheel bolts too!

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