WLTP and company cars


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Maybe not the right forum to bring this up – however am sure I am not the only company car driver here….

At the beginning of May I ordered an A4 2.0 TDI Ultra S-Tronic S-Line with quoted NEDC emission of 109 with the BIK being based on 109. I have yet to have a build slot confirmed, therefore understand my car will be MY19.

Unfortunately this means that my car will not be registered before the September cut over and therefore will be certified with the new WLTP standards. WLTP will not impact tax until 2020, however there is a NEDC correlated value that will be used – based on other manufacturer figures this is likely to be higher than the old value.

From Fleet News:

WLTP, in its true form, will come into circulation this autumn, but its CO2 figures are not scheduled to be linked to vehicle tax until April 2020. Confirmation is expected in November’s Budget.

Until then, every car that undergoes the test has a new ‘NEDC-correlated’ value, using a tool called CO2MPAS, which was formulated to create a figure close to the old NEDC figure.

But research by Cap HPI has found that the figures are typically 10% higher under NEDC-correlated values, effectively pushing up the benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax bands by several percentage points.

For drivers changing their company cars this year, it is likely to mean a significant increase in BIK tax liability, and fleet operators are calling for an explanation of why car CO2 emissions have increased substantially under the new rules.

Essentially I have ordered a car, however I now realise I will not know what the BIK cost will be!

Any others in this situation as would be interested in their take on it?

Thanks all