Wireless charging on your clearmount


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I do like this clean idea but wireless speed charging isn't fast enough if you need a short boost of power as compared to a quick charge cig light + cable.

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That's nice but in my opinion it takes away from the nice clean and minimalist look of the clearmount holder


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The Clearmout holder is great but this is just a poundland bodge job. stupid idea. Until they incorporate the Clearmout magnet with wireless charging with a very discreet solution to the wiring, there is no point. The solution in the video above isnt really a solution, wires still trailing down the middle of the dash exactly as it would be if the wireless part isnt there. Only advange is that you dont have to plug the phone in and out when you leave the car. i dont know that many people that are in such a hurry that cant find the 10seconds to spare to do this!!