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Wipers not working properly

S3_NDJ May 15, 2020

  1. S3_NDJ

    S3_NDJ Member

    Hi All

    My windscreen wipers have a mind of their own once switched on.
    Reading online there is no relay for the wipers and its controlled by the Central Control Unit For Convenience System. Ive looked on parts database websites and it flags up 2 part numbers. Any ideas witch one i need for my BEX A4 1.8T Quattro 2004 plate? as i already replaced the wiper stalk the other day and made no difference. and the motor seems fine as the wipers physically work but are just out of control i.e. we you click the stalk down once trying to get the wipers to go up and down once they go multiple times and its random.
    here are the part numbers i have narrowed it down to :


    Whats the difference?
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  3. Monzta

    Monzta Member

    It would be easier to just check what the part number of the one fitted to your car is. It's a five minute job to do. You will probably be able to see it just by removing the lower dash panel.

    If you have access to VCDS then that will tell what one you have without even having to dust off your toolbox. :)

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