Wipers & Indicators Not Working


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Jan 9, 2014
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I had my s3 8l facelift parked up for three and a half years and finally took it back out over the weekend.

I quickly noticed my indicators won’t working inside but hazards worked. Looked in passenger door and realised this was an issue I’d have had previously - a replacement second hand hazard switch sat waiting.

Prior to me changing the switch the indicators started working again and so I left it thinking great saves me shredding my fingers to pieces

My wipers had definitely worked as well on Saturday as I noticed my driver side jet was spraying up in the air almost and not much hitting the windscreen.

As of Sunday the hazards still work but the indicators don’t work on the dash and wipers don’t work either.

I changed the hazard switch today but that’s made no difference, granted it’s second hand and could in itself be faulty too.

However, it seems a coincidence both indicators and wipers not working, could there be a faulty relay or something else causing both issues?

I’ve checked the fuses for both and seem fine.

Apologies for long post and any help would be appreciated.

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Any ideas anyone?

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Any ideas anyone?

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According to the wiring diagrams on a 2002 BAM, the wiper motor is not in any way connected to the turn signals.

Wipers wiring:


Turn signals wiring:


Do you hear a relay clicking when you engage the wipers? If not try replacing the relay. If you do hear it, i suggest your inspect the wiper motor, it might be seized or fried.