Wiper motor & linkage part number- Help


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Jan 9, 2014
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Hi, guys
I've just had to take my wiper motor & linkage out today on my A4 B6 1.8T 2001/51 plate because the linkage actually snapped (guess I was to late to re-grease them) now I need a little help please as I need to replace it I'm becoming confused with all the different part numbers and what's compatible, my wiper motor is 8E2 955 119A (Bosch number 058 01-07-09) and the linkage number is 8E2 955 023 B (Bosch number 3 397 020 517) now i've looked on Ebay and i've found some but there all slightly different part numbers anyone know how critical these numbers are or could anyone point me in the right direction where I could get one from A.S.A.P. and a rough price if that's possible would be nice :banghead:

Thanks in advance