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Winter wheel/tyre insurance rip off.

Fatbloke Aug 14, 2017

  1. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Active Member

    Hi All

    I have just taken out a 6 wheel insurance policy. I contacted them to enquire about putting winter wheels and tyres on the Audi A3 quattro as I have used winter tyres on my other vehicles for many winters.

    I currently have 225x40x18 alloys and want to use 205x55x16 steel wheels and winter tyres over the winter. This gives the same circumference of tyre and is often the size of a spare wheel for vehicles with 18" wheels.

    The insurance company want to charge me an additional £400+ premium to do this.

    What can I do about this?


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  3. Pinky1959

    Pinky1959 Well-Known Member

    Try a quote online with this included with the ins company you are with , or try another insurance company .
  4. Fatbloke

    Fatbloke Active Member

    A wee update.

    I lodged a complaint and they were supposed to call me back within 3 days but didn't. Several weeks later they called me 2 days ago. I explained the situation and wheel sizes (18" to 16") etc. He said he would check with the underwriters and call me back in a couple of days. He did call back today and it seems that they are happy for me to put winter tyres on, even with different smaller wheels at no extra premium and no additional charge to change it on the system. I just need to call them when I put them on and again when I put the summer wheels back on. There are now notes about it on the system and he will send a letter out to the same effect.

    The lass I spoke to initially told me a lot of rubbish. Initially they wouldn't quote for winter wheels so I couldn't fit them, then she checked again and it was an additional £400+ premium.

    Thankfully it is sorted out now. Common sense has prevailed.

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