Winter tyres ?????


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What did you make of the alpins?

I've just bought a set but I'm yet to put them on as it's still relatively warm here though it did drop under the magic 7 last night

They performed really well. Found them good in the wet, great in the dry and great in the snow. Road noise was not noticeable and I have put a set on my wife's Nissan Juke.
I just fancied a change last year and purchased the Nokian WR D4 as they had a wet rating of A. Not much between any of the mentioned tyres but the Nokian's are better in the wet in my opinion. Not really had a chance to test them with heavy snow.


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Michelin Alpins, at least the "2"s lasted very well on wife's previous Polo and "3"s on my old Passat, the latest version on wife's new Polo and the Alpin Pilots on my S4 just have not had enough miles on them to say for wear - but one thing, I did not expect these winter tyres to last so long on the Polo, especially as they stayed on until late June in its final year of ownership so the summer tyres were well used and we knew that that car was about to be replaced.