Winter tyres


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After the last two winters and getting stuck home due to the snow and ice, I've decided to buy a set of spare wheels for the 206 and some winter tyres.
Going to get some skinny steel wheels and tyres.

any one got any advice or recommendations on tyres and sizes?


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I got some 16"steelies and continental snow tyres for my A3 8p2 and my god do they make a difference!!!! from Germany, put your car details in and they give you the recommended sizes


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Good year ultra grip. I went through a lot of winter tyres in my life and these ones are one of the best.


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Purchasing the winter car tyres can be too complicated for some people, but this should not discourage anybody from getting them. The tread depth is what creates a tyre safer better generate during the cold months season through the snowfall and ice and gives it better extender while doing so. Generally, the tread depth, the better the controls will manage. So this is something that all controls customers should be sure to look for.