Winter/ Snow Tyres for S3 8v Fl


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Can anyone reccomend from experience a set of winter tyres for my S3 8v Fl ?

I mean it was pretty decent with last years snow on PS4's !! I just want to put the icing on the cake this time round.

Wheels are 225/40 R18

Nice one !


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I just got the Pirelli sottozero for mine but not put them on yet they seems highly rated.
In my a6 I had the Dunlop winter sport 3d and they were amazing in the snow. Beast from the east, the car just drove through it all even when it was bumper deep. Had to rescue my mate in his discovery sport that got stuck but that had summer tyres on, still would have though it would have did a bit better being a Land Rover.


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I've taken a risk and just bought some Avon WV7's for my S3 getting them fitted this weekend. Not premium but I've heard good things, was only £75 a tyre with all the discounts offered at ATS at the moment, think there £100 at Black Circles. Couldn't really find any premium brands for less than £120 a tyre and I doubt they would be that much better


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I have the Pirelli SottoZero 3. They were excellent last year in awful conditions. They seem reasonable from Mytyres