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Winter is coming

jarnold231 Sep 29, 2019

  1. jarnold231

    jarnold231 Registered User

    In preparation for increasingly inclement weather I am working on winterising my A4.

    Step 1: Buy coilover and raise ride height (thanks to Hogg)
    Step 2: Buy winter wheels + winter tyres.

    Need some help on step 2 - think it would be prudent to get some smaller and thinner wheels. Found someone locally selling some 17" A3 wheels - 7.5 wide, ET56 (* suspected, but the alloys aren't OEM and aren't stamped, but were for a 2011 A3 2,0TDI which has ET56).

    My current wheels are ET40 and fit fine, but I've got S4 brake calipers on the front. My understanding is that they will fit a 17" wheel, but probably not one with an offset of 56.

    Do people concur, and if so - would it be a bad idea to get these wheels and use spacers? They're going cheap at with decent winter tyres on them.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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  3. Pedrödelabongo

    Pedrödelabongo Guest

    I fitted a set of 17" wheels from a B6 on my old 170 Quattro for winter.
    There are a few disc diameters for these cars, so checking is king.
    ET56 might not fit - when I bought my wheels, I asked if I could try a pair on to check to see that they'd fit alright. Might be an idea of you could do the same?
    There's s thread on here about ET, tyre widths, diameters etc - bit of a minefield to be fair!
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