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Winter has arrived, but where do my tyres fit into it?

rezulteo Nov 7, 2012

  1. rezulteo

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    It’s the beginning of November and the UK has already experienced some snow! Amidst surprise at this event, 2 words have come to the forefront of motorists’ minds: winter tyres.

    Some people are worried, others have had winter tyres since the summer, and there are yet more who continue to wonder whether it is necessary to buy them at all…let rezulteo focus in on the issue for you.


    Why winter tyres?

    Depending on your particular region you might be thinking ‘It only snows rarely here, why should I bother with winter tyres?’. This question, which perhaps appears legitimate, is interesting because it highlights a common error made about the winter tyre: it is not just designed for driving on snow.

    A winter tyre characterises itself by its performance and efficiency when the temperature drops below 7°C. This temperature corresponds with the ‘transition temperature’ at which the rubber of a summer tyre hardens and loses its grip. Thus keeping summer tyres on your car when the temperatures have dropped can prove dangerous.

    In terms of breaking, a winter tyre is also 20% safer.

    What are the differences between a winter tyre and a summer tyre?

    An excellent means of remembering when to change your tyres is to go by the signal of the clocks changing in the last weekend of October.

    Can I use my winter tyres from last year again?

    Yes, under two conditions. Firstly you must ensure that they were stored well. This is because the rubber of a tyre will deteriorate and may crack if it was badly stored. As a consequence, it will not perform as well. Here rezulteo offers you a few rules to respect! (Storing with or without the mounts, tyre caretaking).

    How do I store winter tyres between two seasons?

    The second condition is that you must evaluate the state of your tyres. As with all summer tyres, winter tyres have a wear indicator, which you should remember to check to see if your tyre has what it takes to drive another winter. Of course, you must also remember to inspect the entire tyre for inevitable bulges or tears.

    Where can I find winter tyres?

    With rezulteo you will be able to find all the information you need including prices and winter tyre tests…as well as fitting centres near you! Don’t continue to drive with summer tyres that are no longer efficient, think of your safety first.

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