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Windscreen Wipers Jumping

AD & DK - Jones Jan 27, 2016

  1. AD & DK - Jones

    AD & DK - Jones Registered User

    Hi all.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with the wipers jumping on the screen?

    I usually wash the car every week or so and have tried a number of products on the screen!

    It's been back to the dealer and they have even replaced the wiper blades!

    It doesn't happen all the time, lso the amount of water on the screen doesn't really have any effect!

    Any ideas?????

    Thanks Andy
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  3. RMJ891

    RMJ891 Registered User

    'Fraid not, though I do hear that (curious as it may sound) vinegar on the blades can provide a good fix...
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  4. Scottk

    Scottk Active Member VCDS Map User

    Heard a few guys on detailing world say they have jumping blades and the consensus is the products they are using. Advice is generally to clay the windscreen and see if there is an improvement.
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  5. 203132

    203132 Registered User

    After 2 years of jumping, I found the solution for me. I upgraded the wipers but that didn't fix the issue. I realised that the window had a relatively sticky film compared to my other car, if I ran my hands over the windscreen it would squeak.

    I decided to use Autoglym window polish and a Dual-action polisher and this removed the sticky film and fixed my jumping issue.

    Note: should use Rainx or equivalent afterwards otherwise the rain droplets will stick to the screen rather than fly off. Clean the blades as well for extra measure.
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  6. ecsk

    ecsk Registered User

    I just picked up my brand new S1 last Friday, already noticed this wiper jumping problem.
    It's does not do like a brand new Audi should :blue: :blue:
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  7. 203132

    203132 Registered User

    well, seems like this is the new norm for Audi, I've heard A3/A4 experience the same thing.

    Since my last post, I found out that Rainx can cause the wipers to skip as well.
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  8. lfcrule1972

    lfcrule1972 Winter is coming...

    Rain-x is a pain in the *** on the windscreen in my experience. It makes the wipers less effective when you actually need to use them

    I use it on the side windows and rear screen only.
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