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Windscreen Wiper Scratch - aaargh !

OCDaveS4 Mar 4, 2020

  1. OCDaveS4

    OCDaveS4 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter

    So I must have got a tiny chip in the bottom of the screen, which the wiper has then picked up and dragged across the screen - only had the car a week! Fortunately its mostly on the passenger side but does come across into my field of vision. You can only just feel it with your finger nail at the worst point near the bottom. Its distracting!

    I've researched various posts on here and elsewhere about DIY methods (usually ending in failure or not very good results) so I wondered whether anyone on here had experience of the "professionals". Couple of examples below (I'm in Essex).

    I note that "glassdoctor" quotes £120-£250 "per arc" in which case I might as well wait for more serious damage and pay the excess on my insurance pokicy for a new screen.

    Any comments/advice gratefully received - cheers folks
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  3. jamiewatkins2004

    jamiewatkins2004 Registered User

    I'd just crack the screen and get a new one through insurance.

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  4. 123Quattro

    123Quattro Guest

    Sounds like enough damage for an insurance claim. Chips can be filled but insurance won't faff with scratches as it is seriously labour intensive. I'd make a claim, it's perfectly legitimate. If you think it's not enough damage, a ball peen hammer works well :).

    If you really want a go at fixing it try Ceriglass from CarPro, a rayon pad and a rotary polisher. Works well, but is tediously slow. Discovered this myself when my wiper put a scratch right across my line of vision on leaving the dealership! Got it out though :)
  5. OCDaveS4

    OCDaveS4 Well-Known Member Silver Supporter

    Thanks for the info - I might give the insurers a call to see what they say - you never know do you. Failing that, I'll look up Ceriglass, not heard of that one. :thumbs up:

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