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Windscreen and wipers

AlS3BE Jan 23, 2020

  1. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Got a strange one for you guys.
    I’ve got a case of juddering wipers on the mrs’s car.
    I’ve tried cleaning the windscreen with a dedicated window cleaner, clayed it, tar cleaner , glass polish and the wipers still judder. Even a new wiper didn’t help. the same wipers on my s3 doesn’t judder and wipes very well.
    im a bit stumped now. anything else worth trying?
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  3. RS03_SEN

    RS03_SEN Registered User

    Motor might be on its way out?

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  4. 123Quattro

    123Quattro Guest

    I had the same thing on a car with only 500 miles on it. Replaced the wipers at a cost of £44 from the dealer only to have it continue. So I bought some Valejo wipers off of eBay, and no more problems. I can only think the Audi ones are a bit prone to juddering.
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  5. 45bvtc

    45bvtc The Older I Get The Better I Was Supporter Gold Supporter

    Had a similar issue on my A1 and did almost exactly the same as you to cure without success and then came across PIAA Si Tech wipers - PIAA being WRC suppliers of numerous items - and so decided to evaluate for myself and problem solved. My local Audi dealer now uses the same PIAA Si Tech wipers to resolve troublesome issues such as you describe. It does appear the 'glass' is at fault and that the PIAA Si Tech wiper blade 'mix' is able to 'glide' over.

    If only to prove; I changed back to Audi wiper blades on my A1 and the 'vibration' issue returned immediately; put the PIAA Si Tech back on and the issue was again immediately resolved, happy days...

    Using PIAA Si Tech now on my TT, RS3, and SQ5 and zero issues; saving the Audi supplied ones for reference.



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  6. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    car is only a few months old so hopefully not the motor going. It’s going back for warranty work anyway so will get them to look.

    Got new Bosch aero twin(the more expensive ones) and still the same.
    Will see what dealer says then probably get the Piaa ones and try.
    only good thing is I have spare wipers for my car:wink:
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  7. H-M3

    H-M3 Registered User

    Get some bar keepers friend the powder one and give the glass a good clean. You can use 00 wool wire too. BKF powder make sure you make it into paste and wash off any from rubber and paintwork
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  8. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member

    I have always used genuine Audi wipers with no issues on both my A3 and current A4. Replaced the A4 ones just before it's MOT, as they had advised me too a year before when it was serviced. New ones are fine...
  9. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Well thought I give this an update. just back from dealers after the initial diagnosis. They changed the wiper arm and everything is running silky smooth now.
    they showed me the original arm had a slight curve on it compared to the new replacement arm causing the wiper to sit slightly off. I was a bit sceptical when they said they wanted to replace the arm but it seems to have done the trick and works well with the old and new wipers.
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