Windows going down on their own


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Jan 10, 2013
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Northern Ireland
Hey all, new problem again, when I open the RCL on the car my windows roll down, normally you have to hold the button in but it's just an unlock. I've checked the ccm and its as dry as snuff nod all wire appear to be ok. Anyone got any clues?
I was going to say remote problem but the remote shouldnt operate the doors when the car is running
Sticky key lock?? Maybe..
Even though you use the key remote to unlock the car, the manual key lock can get full of gunk and cause the issues your having.
Obviously better to completely remove the lock and clean it out but if you can't get some wd40 in the lock using the key to free it up.

Had this happen to me twice on vag cars.
Broken wire in the door hose

Mine did it and sent the windows & locks haywire. It was the big brown one & i pulled the boot back enough to solder & piece of wire in & shrinkwrap it. After that it was all good
Thanks for the replys guys, I read the computer today and got a shopping list, so i cleared them and these kept popping up every time for the CCM or CCU as some call it.

2 Faults Found:
01134 - Alarm Horn (H12)
49-00 - No Communications
01031 - Central Locking Key Switch; Driver Side; Unlock
27-00 - Implausible Signal

Make any sence to any one?
going by that you have either a busted lock or a broken wire

check the wiring first as its easy and free
Yeah peel back the rubber boot and have a look its a bit fiddly also pull the connector block off there is a tab you push in on the opposite side I had broken wires and corroded pins and 2 pins had snapped off

use a mirror and a torch to check the pins in the connector if you cant see anything on the wiring you may have to take the door card off and release the cable so you can pull it through more most of the time you can see it though
Peeled back the rubber and there's a plastic clip. At each side. Can only look at wires from chassis side of car as other side is wrapped with something. Tried to put all back but the rubber won't go back on and the clips won't either. Cant see any broken wires at chassis side. Don't know what do do next.
Little update guys, seems like you all were right, the wires were broken, took loom out eventually, not without breaking the clip that goes into the chassis but however. Repaired the cables, but will replace the cables next time completely instead of cutting the bad bit out and replacing as it will be much neater. Thanks for the heads up anyhow guys, will do a read in vag com next to see if that cured the problem there.
Further update guys, this didnt fix the problem, I only thought it did as it didnt do it that evening, it still does it. What next to check?
I have a feeling your right, when using the key only sometimes it locks and unlocks the car. Would that mean the full would need replaced?
No need to replace anything.
Just take the lock barrel out, give it a good clean with wd40, regrease then put back in.