Window winder broken....

Dec 30, 2012
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Unbelievable.... The hotest day for a while and the window winder cable or something has bust. I understand some ebay repair kits are a bit flimsy? Can someone please let me know which is the best repair kit to go for, or if there is an easy fix lol!
Thanks for that Mike, what a cracking guide on how to do it. Looks like I need to put my patient head on lol, sounds very fiddly. Had a price on the kit from GSF in Shrewsbury for £70, TPS wanted £102. I'll have a go tomorrow.
Mine went a few weeks ago, replaced with an £18.99 ebay repair kit, failed in less than 24 hrs, but I'm not totally sure I installed it correctly.

Bought a Meyle replacement OEM rail kit inc cables and regulator (whole thing is pre-built AND loaded correctly). I can't tell the difference in quality between the original and the new one. Very very good quality. Paid just under £50 from allgermanparts delivered.

I was warned about buying cheap replacement originally and should have listened. Having spent nearly £3000 on my car in the last 6 months I should have just paid for a full replacement rather than try to save money......well, it is practically a new car now, ha ha!

Follow the guides on replacement and its pretty simple......I found I didn't have a T45 Torx-bit though that you will need if you don't have one as its bigger than most sets go up to. Oh and I recommend having a soft area to rest the whole upper of the door when removed onto, prepared for putting it down on.

Good luck!
Just picked up a replacement from GSF in Shrewsbury for £66-60. I'll have a go this afternoon. Cheers for the advice dude.
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Was just about to offer a genuine one for post cost, i got a spare when i attempted electric rear retrofit and its just sat in the shed.... oh well maybe if i was a day sooner
Woo Hoo all sorted, took 2 hours so not as bad as I thought it would be. That guide Mike.B suggested was very good. Happy days time for a pint and sit in the sun.

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