Window and Car shaking 2018 Sportback


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Jun 7, 2019
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Hi everyone I just recently bought an Audi A5, 2018 S Line 2.0 tfsi, FWD, UK Sportback automatic and I am already having problems with it.

The first problem was that the drivers side window and passenger side window makes a thump noise when opening it all the way as if it is hitting a brick at right at the bottom. I believe it is a software/coding issue as this problem is intermittent and happens on both windows.

Secondly my car shakes slightly when starting the engine and when it is in park mode. What could be the problem?

I have taken it to Audi 3 times already, the first time they changed the window regulators which did not help anything. Second time they tried a software (ecu) update for the engine but that made no difference. When I took it for the third time, they said the engine was misfiring so only “cleaned” the fuel injectors as it was more of a wear and tear problem because I was using cheap “petrol”. That is simply not the case as I always use shell v power petrol and a car with 3k miles on the clock shouldn’t have this problem.

Anyways after the “cleaning” the fuel injectors it still shakes in P mode and the windows still make the “thump” sound.

Does anyone really know the problem??

PS: I got a courtesy car while the car was in the garage which was the exact same car but 2017 model, the window problem was in that car too!
Pathetic excuse from a premium car dealership to say 'cheap' petrol would cause anymore wear and tear than premium. All petrol in the UK is made to the same standards..