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Williams Racing waterless wash & wax

wideboybloke Aug 13, 2018

  1. wideboybloke

    wideboybloke Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group Audi Avant Owner Group

    Just watching a promotion for this on shopping channel. Does this stuff work without damaging the surface of your paintwork? How can you rub something into the bodywork without first removing grit and dirt? And if it’s so effective, why are we all wasting our time with our two buckets, snow foam and all the other products we buy?
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  3. jungle650

    jungle650 Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi RS3 quattro MQB Platform S tronic

    You know posting something like this on Detailing World would probably get you in a lot of trouble !! People are a little friendlier on here ... lol .... but still no response to your question whixh does make me chuckle. But I’ll be brave:footy:...and wait for the comebacks....

    Ok so lets tackle the point......

    First and foremost ...In my opinion there is nothing wrong with these types of products. !! I have tried this one myself, along with others and it works quite well.

    What you have to remember is how and when to use them, I guess similar to a QD spray. If you use these products, you will also go through a lot of microfibre clothes if you want to use them the right way, so be prepared! ... Ofcourse if you are not overly bothered you could do a car with just 3 clothes, (initial applicator cloth, wipe off/buff cloth and glass cloth). You would use the first two after the body work was complete to then do the wheels. Job done. After use throw all clothes away/ wash them with exception of the glass cloth.
    Now I am not recommending this method, just pointing out how the product could be used and probably how most do !

    These products are not for everyone, but they do have a place. If you are completely OCD about your cars paint work, religously clean, machine polish and seal your car and inspect it with a detailers torch for swirls and scratches every week, it might not be for you.

    In the real world though.... I still think these have a place in ones car cleaning arsenal.

    You can and will scratch a car if you are silly with these waterless washes, but you can also quickly clean a car, add a bit of gloss and protection in a very effecient manner without damaging the paint work if you use common sense.

    You can effectively clean a car to a very decent standard in well under 20 mins with something like this. - alloys/ body work etc.

    Are these as good or as safe as a proper system, ie Full on pre-wash snow foam, 2 bucket wash with wash mitt and bucket guards, then full wax/ polish... NO WAY... BUT they do allow you to bring a car back up to spec very... very quickly if its lightly contaminated and you want to freshen a vehicle up. As long as you take care.

    I have used this and similar products many times on multiple vehicles and on my current cars and not had any major issues, when used at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

    They can be a real time saver.

    Some simple steps to follow...


    If you have heavy caked on dirt/mud etc don't use... remove the excess dirt with a wash mitt and a bucket of water for that panel. Wash, rinse. then you can apply these types of products.

    WHEN TO USE....

    If you have a lightly soiled car, need to clean, add gloss and some protection to a car quickly. To top up a clean car. Etc etc.. then game on.


    1) Start a the top of the vehicle and move down ( roof , bonnet, sides, then the back of vehicle ) Doing one panel at a time. Ie apply and buff off one panel at a time. This is very important. Just one panel at a time. ! Generally speaking the rear of a car, side bottom edges by wheels tend to be where most dirt is. Wheel arches will have the majority of grit so very special care needs to be taken for these areas.

    2) Spray plenty of product on each panel and allow the product to lift the dirt onto and into the microfibre cloth. Do not use excessive force. Start at the top of panels and work down. Never the other way round. Leave the lower half if excessively dirty and remove seperately. Any areas where there are water spots, bird poo etc spray these separately and allow product to soak the contaminent so its able to be lifted off the car easily with a cloth at a later pass.

    3) Use clean microfibre clothes and turn regularly and do not push hard down onto the panels with the clothes. As you pass the cloth over the vehicle you can use a rolling action which allows the cloth to pick up the dirt without rubbing it back across the panel ( which would obviously cause scratches ! )

    4) Use a seperate microfibre cloth to buff each panel in turn to a shine

    5) Use seperate clothes for each different part of the car, ie roof, bonnet, sides and rear... especially if car is dirty ( just look at the cloth after the first panel ) if its clean you could continue to use. If you do use the same cloth across panels, examin and remove any grit / dirt etc from the cloth by hand. Very important!

    6) Once body work is done move onto wheels with clothes. Clean rears first as they will be less soiled. You can also use these products on exhaust pipes.

    7) Most clothes will be finished at this point so either bin or if they can be salavged wash.

    If you are careful you absolutely can keep a car clean using these products, especially if the car is reguarly cleaned ( ie atleast once a week) . Certainly through summer, not so much through winter, but a pre-wash / jet wash is enough to remove a good amount of dirt before use if done on a regular basis

    These products can generally be also used as a drying aid which you can buff off to leave gloss finish after a full on wash.

    As stated above and obvious if you think about it. Use with some common sense and they can be great. In reality everytime you rub over a panel you can put a scratch into it, but thats no different to a poor bucket wash or a poor wax/ polish treatment or using a dirty cloth.

    You would inflict far more damage using a car wash with the supposed softer brushes, that actually hit your car hundreds of times during a quick 2 min drive through wash, than using these products. So everything needs to be put into context.

    It doesnt matter what method you use to clean your car ( to a certain extent anyway ) if you have poor preparation or use poor technique you will cause damage. If its a £5 or a £50 product, it makes little difference!

    Before people judge.... I love a clean car and as most people on here will know can be quite fussy. I love a good product and love a full on proper system clean/ machine polish and seal. However there is nothing wrong with them in my opinion as long as they are used carefully.

    I kept one of my previous cars very clean using these types of products. Truth be told, the new owner who I sold it to actually thanked me for keeping the car in such amazing condition given the age and use of the car. So go figure!

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  4. pjeffe9172

    pjeffe9172 Active Member Team V6 Team Navarra Audi RS4

    Excellent response Jungle. I used this stuff for a couple of years on a white Nissan Qashqai and when I first got my A4. Completely agree with everything you said. It’s a good product and people a.ways commented how good my cars looked. Found it annoying on the wheels as you just get caked in brake dust and go through a cloth per wheel. Started to use it after I’d washed the car as a top up wax.

    I’ve gone away from it now as my eyes have been opened up to other detailing products and processes. But as you say this does have its place!
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  5. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member SQ5 owners group Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi Q5 S tronic

    .........as above i use some i got as a freebie as a quick detailer & nothing more.

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