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May 24, 2004
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Anyone able to tell me if genuine B7 RS4 19" rims will fit the B6?
Technically they will fit, but the offset is different as the RS4 has the flared wheel arches. If you fitted them to a B6 the wheels would stick out too far beyond the arches - RS4 rep's required ;)
right thats that one out the window, there are a genuine set of rs4 rims going for handy money here but if they wont fit then thats that out the window.

Im guessing even the B6 S4 its the same issue
Thats my understanding yes, as the S4 bodyshell is the same as the A4. What is the offset of the RS4 wheels? If you know that and know the offset of your existing wheels you could work out how much they would stick out:

ie RS4 ET25 (for example)
Your A4 ET45 (typical)

The new wheels would stick out 20mm beyond the arches. My understanding is that they would stick out too much - happy to be proved wrong!
Not seen the exact rims but apparently they are 9x19 et 29