Will they fit?


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My Fat Fives are looking a little rough round the edges so I've decided I'll get them sent off for a refurb, now as I needed some wheels to use as I went on the hunt for some temporary rims...

The search took a bit of a turn & ended up being an upgrade in the form of a set of genuine 19" Phaeton Omanyt! The rims are 9j wide ET40 which I always knew was going to be pushing things to the limit, but now I'm not sure what size tyres to fit. Bearing in mind the car is sitting on B12 Sportline suspension I was initially looking at 225 35 19 tyres, however I'm not sure if that would be a bit too much stretch & it would be better whether to
go for 235 35 19 instead. Does any one have any insight into this?