Will they fit?


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Mar 28, 2009
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Hello again people!

Not been around for a while as not much has gone on with my car but im looking to get the ball rolling again....so....heres my queston!

I'm going buying some bbs ch's at weekend and the measurements are:-




I've done some calculations and need to check I'm correct! I currently run 15mm spacers on my standard 18" avus rims which I think brings their offset down from 45 to 30? As these wheels are 1/2" or 13mm wider i think there gona sit a couple of mm away from where my wheels sit at the minute in relation to the arch?

Any help or past experience would be much appreciated as long as its not guess work!!

Thanks in advance

cheers for the replies guys, gves me piece of mind!

Does anybody by any chance no how to tell real ones from fake ones?

The ones m going buyng have been refurbed n white which wont be everyones cup of tea n possibly not mine but will n time be having them re done in silver. They may look ok tho as my brakes are black with white writing but you can hardly see them with the standard wheels, but they will be much more on show with these!

id imagine they would have bbs stamped everywere but copys wont etc
My reps have CH stamped on them a fellow forum member who has the real deal CHs on his stunning S4. and to be fare we could not tell the difference , as marktdi stated there should be markings on them as do all genuine BBS wheels​
I've just read somewhere that genuine ones have a spigot ring held in with a circlip, is this correct? And also do the replicas have the same?