Will these headlights fit my S3?


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The web page says 2001-2003 so I would assume not. Having said that, there are plug adapters you can buy on eBay for the different connectors.


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do a search, im sure you have to cut some metal out of the wing on pre face lift cars to fit post 2000 head light units



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Leave angel/halo/whatever you want to call them lights on BMW's if you ask me :puke2:


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I've seen the guide before thank you, it's just the plug shape on the back i get confused by.

The Pre-facelift S3 (like mine) have a rectangle plug not a round one. It's proving difficult to find a set of black lights. Which is why i was wandering if these would work as tey are a later model?

As for the halo lights i'm not a big fan either, but i want black headlights and these are the first set i've seen that may work with my S3.