Will my TT 19" wheels fit a new S3?


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Hi everyone, been away on the TT forum for the last 18 months in a 3.2 TT, I'm about to order a new S3 as I need a boot again! (bikes, DIY etc...)
I currently have 3 sets of wheels for my TT, including a fully refurbished set of split rims with brand new rubber on, which I really would like to keep. Audi seem to have forgotten to add 19's to the 3 door hatch spec, so I'll just order standard 18's and put some 19's on the car when I get it.

The spec of my TT wheels are as follows:

PCD: 5x112
OFFSET: et52
CB: 57.1

They currently have 255/35/19 Avon ZZ5 tyres on.
Will they be ok on the S3 or will they be too wide? I'm also planning a slight drop with a Bilstein B12 kit so they would need to clear the arches etc. Has anyone put any wider wheels on their S3? Here are the wheels in question, thanks in advance.



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8v A3 OFFSET is et51.
the 9 inch stretch might be questionable
but I know the 8v has wider arches.
What B12 kit are you going for?