Will a Sachs DMF fit a car that originally had a LUK ?


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Hi people going to be fitting the reinforced Sachs clutch disc and pressure plate to my car and need to replace the DMF as well which is totally knakerd..

Does anyone know if a Sachs DMF will fit my car as hear this can allow for higher clamping forces due to its dimensions?
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Hi mate Sachs dont do a DMF they only make the single mass flywheel.
If you want a DMF it has to be the oem LUK one which does the job fine.
Did mine a few months back ;-)


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Ok I was browsing thru the Sachs site and wasn't paying attention...can't wait to get this and the Autotech on and for some beasty driving again. Interesting to see how it handles hard launches once its bedded in.


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LUK is part of the Sachs group so yes, they do DMF's ! On some models the DMF are interchangable but dealers allways change like for like ! I would get in touch with people from sachs and see what they say.


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i changed my luk clutch and dmf for a sachs one


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Sachs do make dual mass flywheels. Got one fitted in my A3.


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Forget DMF and go the whole hog and get a Sachs group N race clutch and SMF, you wont regret it! lol