WiFi CCTV - Help needed!


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After picking some brains if possible?!

Want to install CCTV at home, solution probably needs to be WiFi as renting at the moment and don't want to mess with too many cables etc. have a Apple Time Capsule which is the wireless router and has 2tb of storage....

I have no idea where to start, but ideally I would like cameras to connect to the wifi, record live feed to the Time Capsule and have remote visibility of this. have a MacBook Pro, iPad/iPhone etc and understand some of the cameras have apps...

Hopefully there is someone on here who has a little knowledge that would go a long way to helping me!


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I have the swann cctv camera system at home, which complements our house alarm system. Whilst mine is all hardwired, they do offer a wireless version.

Swann Wireless & IP Cameras

There is an app, which I have on my phone and I can see and control the cameras anytime day or night, and playback the recordings. The other thing I like is the recordings also back upto the cloud, so if someone was to break in and find the main control unit, a copy of the recordings is also stored in the cloud.


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Just revisiting this thread as we have now moved and we didn't get round to inesting in CCTV last year. Now really want to do this but would love to have recommendations please. Guessing things have also moved on in a year too