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Widow Wants Cars At Husbands Funeral

Bugeye_bob Dec 21, 2016

  1. Bugeye_bob

    Bugeye_bob Registered User

    Spotted this elsewhere and thought I would mention it,
    Hope it doesnt break any rules with links to other Forums etc.

    My name is Julie, My Partner, Wayne sadly passed away tragically on the 28th December while at the wheel of his beloved Evo Vll, he had the press release car from Ralliart, couple of posts on here years ago "M7 GSR" It was featured on the front cover of the Autocar Magazine in 2001, and another smaller feature another month.

    So I am basically appealing for Evo drivers, and others alike, he loved most cars tbh, if available to simply join the convoy from the Masons Arms at Wickersley, Rotherham, 28th Dec 12 Noon meet to drive down to the crematorium at rotherham.

    Wayne would want to stop traffic on his final journey & would have meant so much to him.

    We have a few cars, but not so many evo's though and hopefully supercar driver will be sending some cars on the day too.

    So if you live in south yorkshire or happy to drive further afield & would like to join a convoy to pay respects to a fellow Evo Driver, pls comment below...

    We did make an MLR meet last year I think it was, and Wayne went out in an absolute beast of an blue Golf R32 (I still have the pic) if anyone knows this guy, then pls ask him if he is able to attend, tell him Wayne was the guy who was going to buy the R32 car mats off him..

    Thank you in advance. Hope ive posted in the right place, but never been on before."

    Original thread.
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  3. wolfie138

    wolfie138 Registered User

    "on the 28th December"

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