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Why would I not get oil to the head

bradh Feb 24, 2018

  1. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    2.0 ppd 16v bmn engine code,

    I have a tapping top end due to enough oil not getting to the head, I have 2bar of oil pressure at idel and 5 bar of pressure at 2000 rpm all at opperating temperature, so iv more then enough oil pressure surly ??

    I’ve removed sump oil pump all looks clean oil pick up is spotless too

    Quick video

    Now this issue has take my turbo out now too as I can wiggle it like mad so I’m thinking I have to have a blockage of some sort in the oil filter housing as oil pump feeds into block then into oil filter housing then back into the engine

    Is there anyth8ng else that could stop the oil getting to head ?

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