Why was this not for sale 6 months ago!!!

LOL thats life :) , took me 7 months to find mine and i'm still happy with it.
I'm going to find out of they do part ex I think!!
Thats one of my brother in laws cars. He will do you a part ex.
Spoted that one the other day - looks really nice! Good luck and I hope you manage to do a deal!
Mileage doesn't bother me. I do 60k a year so no point getting a low miler and ruining it anyway. Oil change every 5k and keep it looked after and she'll be fine.

I'm calling the guy today.
wow v nice car. it took me 1 week to find the car i was looking for and v happy with it
Does anyone else think the price is a bit high, I know the spec is pretty high but nearly £13k for a car with nearly 120k on the clock

I have a very similar spec the trade offs being

No Nav/changer or alcantara seats
My spec has heated leather seats and front/rear parking sensors

I would be wanting around that mark for a private sale with 70k on the clock, does that make mine worth nearer 15k :)

ps did not all 2007 onward s-lines come with rear park sensors as standard ????
I agree about the price tbh... we bought our S Line Avant 2 weeks ago with 120k on the clok for 8.5k - nearly 5k less!
Must admit I agree with the majority here... at nearly 13k this is over priced unless you're getting a solid platinum warrenty with it!
I got my phantom black 06 s line avant 1 owner full audi history (90k miles) for £7.5k - I appreciate this is the 1.8t so the derv is worth more but not 5k more.

Just my 2p worth
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Looks cracking but it's not worth the asking price IMO... I bought our Avant a couple of weeks ago for 8.5k with 120k on the clock! (spec below)
Nice car, but if you looking at that sort of price bracket i spend a little more and get something lower mileage, Mines only a petrol but i paid £4950 for a 55 plate 2.0T s line with half leather and heated seats 130k on the clock. I just couldnt imagine spending 13k on a car and looking at speedo with 120k plus, but as everyone says its horses for courses and its your cash.
I've decided against anyway.

There is nothing wrong with my car... It would be daft to change it.... Just off to buy a tin of dulux now to make it white though!!!
There's a chap in the B6 forum doing his white with a vinyl wrap... just a thought!?!
its a rip off at them miles! bought mine at 40k for £13.000 yr an half ago... you got away lucky in my opinion...