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May 26, 2003
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About ten days ago, my brother Phil came down with what he thought was flu. It hung around for a week, and he became more and more unwell. Friday, the GP visited, and immediately called an ambulance, and he was a admitted to the local hospital for tests.

It wasn't flu; it was sepsis, a raging infection right across his body that we think started with a swollen knee a few weeks ago. Saturday morning, just after 10am, he died.

Thoughts are with you and the family Jeff. X
Condolences to you & yours Jeff
Terrible news , sorry to hear .

If there is anymore info and what to look out for , swollen knee , did he injure it first ?
Condolences, my brother in law died several years ago in similar circumstances.
Really sorry to hear, thoughts are with you and the family.
My condolences to you and your family.

My father had something very similar happen a couple of years ago, started with a fly bite on his arm that he picked at, ended up with 3 weeks in hospital fighting to save him and his arm. Quite disturbing how quickly things can be turned on their head :(
I can't bring myself to use the like button, but I appreciate, and am grateful for, all the kind thoughts and wishes, including any that might yet follow.
Genuinely sorry to hear of your loss

My daughter fought off similar a few years back aged 5. A scraped knee led to a week in intensive care and a further week under observation in hospital. Luckily she pulled through, although I will never ever forget her screams as they inserted various needles for IV meds.

It's actually quite scary how often you see this these days.
Very sorry to hear of your loss Jeff, thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.
So sorry to hear your very sad news my friend

My thoughts are with you and your family Jeff
Jeff, so sorry for you loss. Looks like a bit of a dude.
Brings things into perspective Jeff. Life is so :sign unfair: sometimes
Hope your ok mate, take care
Thanks, everyone. The support and good wishes are really appreciated. Here's another pic of my bro. He did so like to dress up.
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It's the funeral tomorrow. It'll be secular and informal; no suits or ties. My sis-in-law will visit him one last time in the morning, dress him in his Sunderland shirt, and place in the coffin a roll-up ciggie and, wait for it, the meat pie she promised to have ready for his dinner when he back from the hospital. She wanted to put a can of beer in the coffin as well, but then remembered he's being cremated.........BOOM!!

At the end of the service, he'll be sent on his way with the theme music from Dr Who, and my nephew, my other brother and I have agreed we will start a round of applause. This will NOT be sombre; he was the funniest guy any of us knew and we want there to be smiles when he goes.

You'll have guessed by now Phil was a huge Dr Who fan. He was going to buy a Tardis beer cooler, he changed his mind when he realised it was just a beer cooler shaped like the Tardis. He thought it was going to normal size on the outside, but with space for a thousand beers inside