Why do some dealers advertise damaged cars ?

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As said above ^

It always makes me wonder why Audi Advertise Cars on there forecourt with kerbed wheels and scratches on.
They repair them before the car is delivered to you obviously but wouldn't you think they would advertise them like that.
I think they will be more likely to get a sale if they are all repaired and polished up.

As my son went to have a look at a Green S3 at an Audi Dealer last week but he was put off abit because it had 4 kerbed rotor wheels and a scratch on the Sat-Nav Screen he went to go for a test drive in it and the battery was flat and the sales man said it needs replacing.

Does anybody know the answer to why Dealers advertise there cars with damage on them ?

All the Audi Dealers i have visited do but i have never seen a Bmw Dealer selling cars with still kerbed wheels etc..


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As above, when I bought mine I told the salesman that the front tyres will need changing. He insisted they were legal and pushed me for a test drive. I went on a drive and when I returned I asked to see the cars history and in amongst the history was their own inspection stating the tyres had 1.0mm left. I confronted the salesman stating he let me drive an illegal car and pushed for a good discount and new premium tyres. He accepted the offer and let slip that until sold they don't spend money on them as the car could go to another garage meaning a loss to them if they spent out.


They dont want to put any money into the cars unless they have your money.Once you pay a deposit thats safe money then.

+1 and they shift stock all the time... so if a car was not selling/really old and the dealer felt that they could not profit from it or wanted new stock up then it would go to trade and then its the traders problem... or not the traders problem if they decide to sell it as is etc. so Audi save the money.

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Ahh, never thought of that ! Thanks people :)