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Why cut the wires?????

KIll_the_cameras Nov 17, 2018

  1. KIll_the_cameras

    KIll_the_cameras Registered User


    So after recently buying a car, I've been doing the usual 'fix all the annoying things' the previous owner failed to do..

    Last job...fix Bury 9060 handsfree kit that came with the car that has a dead display or blown fuse.

    After the 3rd attempt at locating the unit, turns out someone had taken out the fuse, and cut the black (earth) and yellow (mute) wires...and not even taped the ends! Ummmm....why why why?

    So after considering the consequences, and reading the unit is a pretty good and newer model, I resoldered & heatshrinked the cables, added a fuse and it fired up and works perfectly...weird! But there must be a reason someone went to those lengths to kill the unit. Was it possessed? Did someone die because of it???? Did the partner of the previous owner break up with them on it?

    That said....the battery will probably be dead tomorrow morning!!!!

    --Or someone will tell me these are total rubbish.

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