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Why are dealerships so ridiculous

penetrator Jul 12, 2018

  1. penetrator

    penetrator Active Member

    so I’m looking at putting Michelin Pilot Sport 4s on my RS3 and on my way home I thought I’d drop in at Audi and get a coffee and whilst there ask for a price on the above tyres just to amuse myself.

    Anyway after asking how much, some muppet came back to me and said Michelin don’t do tyres for the RS3 lol (I knew I’d be amused here) so I said ok then what’s this and I showed him my quote from Black Circles and he said you can’t put them on an RS3 as there not the special Pirelli tyres that you must fit on that car there made especially for the RS3 to which I laughed in his face and said do you think I’m a muppet mate? I can put any tyre on this car that I want, and his reply was no you can’t they have to be Pirelli’s lol
    At this point I just walked away laughing lol

    This is Derby Audi please avoid at all costs as there absolutely useless, I’ve had nothing but issues with them from the start, oh and they want to charge £400 for an oil change :yahoo:
  2. Avatar

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  3. AudiNutta

    AudiNutta Well-Known Member Team Racing Blue Mica Audi RS3 quattro Sportback

    Each time I come on the forum I find something to scare me off dealers even more, ffs that’s just insane.

    Where is the common sense. The Michelin’s would probably make them more money haha.
  4. penetrator

    penetrator Active Member

    I rang Tamworth Audi straight after leaving Derby and they gave me a price straight away and said obviously we recommend Pirelli on that Audi but you put on it what you want
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  5. JamesCrs3

    JamesCrs3 Active Member

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  6. oli356

    oli356 Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi S3 S tronic

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  7. cjm999

    cjm999 2017 RS3, Ara Blue Sportback

    Swapping over to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres has made night and day difference to handling on my RS3, it felt like the car wandered all over the road with the Pirelli's and got terrible understeer going around tight bends and roundabouts, now just sticks and goes.
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  8. Toshers

    Toshers Member Team Nardo TFSI Owners Group Audi RS3

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  9. penetrator

    penetrator Active Member

    You on aftermarket wheels right mate?

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