Who's up for a Competition...WIN a Show Shine Wax Retailing At £120

Juicy Jen

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To launch our new sponsorship with ASN who's up for a competition to win
a pot of Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax worth £120!


So your thinking hell yeah I'd be up for that but what do I need to do?
Quite simply post up your best reflection and most interesting shot...

The competition will be running from today to the 14th February so why not treat your baby to some love for Valentines Day (you know I mean the four wheel kind ;)) and get it ready for this years show season. Only one picture per entry please**

I'm looking for some inspiration from you so here are some example seeing that we are looking for 'Love is in the air' courtesy of Marc Elsworth from Heavenly Detailing


and a nice example of one from me using Celeste


You can find some more information on the wax here (note that the pot on offer is version one):
Celeste Dettaglio V2 Paste Wax - Perfection Perfected. A paste wax that is nothing short of heavenly.

Chemical Guys Celeste Dettaglio Paste Wax | Soft Waxes | Wax | Juicy Detailing

**Note only open to members that are registered before 13th January 2012
So fire away I'm waiting with antication :wub:
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Juicy Jen

Jen @ Juicy Detailing
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A small reminder which was in the original post - only one picture per entry. HOWEVER you can change your picture for another you prefer up until the 14th of Feb :)

Charlie Ford

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Does it have to be of our present car??

Juicy Jen

Jen @ Juicy Detailing
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Come on guys I thought you'd all be up for something FREE!!!!!

I'm not looking for perfection some nice interesting photos of your pride and joy and you could win a treat for her on Valentines Day :wub:

Even though Celeste is classed as a show wax it has excellent durability too and is still going strong on our Merc after 3 months


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I will look through all my pics and find a closer reflection before this ends, but just so I'm in it.


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Cracking little competition!...well done....some good entries too! :icon_thumright:


Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!
Can I have a go please lol !!


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Clean polish and wax for the 8L S3!


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Couldnt help myself,i need to add this cuz it's my favourite one:wub:
Young for life:cool:


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My previous Fiesta ready for Fast Ford Show......


Audi Dynamik

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Blue Audi

s3 performance

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My sons car couldn't miss this one really amazed me, if i win i will share the polish with my son me and family and recommend around and post a new thread saying it is the best polish :)

Audi Dynamik

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The hire car in Italy, lucky for me i am interested in these kind of things and i am a photographer and a watercolour artist and really in to things like this i look out for lots of reflections on sunny days to help me configure some cool images like these above for my water colour and art, this is the picture of the view of the village in Italy in the beaming sun with the sea and houses over looking , this is my favourite by far !

S3 Rav

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A friends car I did in the summer. Jen can't seem to edit my post earlier but would prefer to use this pic...enjoy.



Defo worth the wait :)

A pic of the father in laws Honda Jazz...not the best pic, had some really nice ones of the wifes Polo in Mercato Blue, but cant seem to find them now!!!

Will keep digging and see if I can find them.

Juicy Jen

Jen @ Juicy Detailing
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Thanks for all the new entries guys much appreciated.

Few little comments....can we make them your own photos and not those from work from other detailers (Charlie :whistle2:) and I'd prefer if they were not digitally manipulated as well

Thanks keep them coming, oh and again only entries from those that have joined ASN before the 13th of January


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Can't wait for my 'Juicy' delivery!!

I'm going to have to get busy this weekend to come anywhere close to some of these!