Who Has Sticky Stickers?


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Hi All,

Who has got stickers on their cars on this forum, and if you do... post a pic!

I dont have any but noticed one member had an Audi-Sport.net one. Just wondered how popular stickers were... Like Revo ones, AS.net etc.

First thing I did when I got it was strip off the ones that were in my car, there was an Arnold Clark one on the back window and an Audi one in the top left of the front windscreen.... not sure what it said.

Anywhos... just wondering.



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I have one a-s.net sticker in the bottom right of the rear window.

Also i have an S3 logo sticker in an etched glass finish on each wing mirror glass.


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No stickers here, I cant stand them. All the dealer stickers, plate surrounds etc were binned as soon as mine got home. The MASSIVE tax disc holder was also changed for a mininmalist one.

Cant stand my car being a billboard for people.


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See here, all the BMW's and Porches are from a company called Reno Car, thats like the seller of them (dealership) and I am not kidding but they actually put Reno Car on the arches of both front wings and on the back.... on the actual paint work!

I will grab a few pics and show yous..... as you say A3TOM, they are moving billboards! we are talking about M3's, Boxters, 911's.... you name it! If I bought one and went to the garage I would burst out laughing and say no way jose! (they would not understand but you know what I mean.)



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got a ring sticker waiting to go on after i've detailed the car.


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I want to go and do it but ... after seeing that other thread and the prices if something "bad" happened... ouf! :slapped:


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Ive got a wolfsburg edition & iron cross. Both in black on the boot window which is tinted black, so they are real stelthy stickers but look cool.
I also got rid of the audi alarm stickers etc when I got mine. ASnet stickers on both rear quarters now though. Gotta get rid of my horrid tax disc holder...


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Ive got the As.net one in the middle at the bottom of my rear window, took all the other ones off when i got the car, also changed the tax disc holder like Tom as well, it was HUUUGE!!! Got the magnetax holder now, minimal is the way with this i reckon :)


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i hate stickers on my car, especially from garages etc.
put my wife's car in for a servcie and the wankers put there garage sticker in teh back window without asking!
if I had notcied when I picked it up I would have torn him a new one!

i could live with a small ring sticker..only after i have been obviously


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I also got rid of the audi alarm stickers etc when I got mine. ASnet stickers on both rear quarters now though. Gotta get rid of my horrid tax disc holder...

Surely the alarm stickers are deterrents? Ok not for professionals but scummy pikey kids who have nothing better to do...

I like some others here hate the idea of advertising on my car. The big KENWOOD stickers make me laugh the most.. May as well say 'please come and steal all my audio equipment!' LOL!


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Audi one in the top left of the front windscreen.... not sure what it said

Its a reminder to say you have to change the air bags after so many miles. i need to get rid of mine too. lol


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I might buy and AS.net one I think :blackrs4:


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I got two of them Revo ones when I got the Select Plus (that never worked!). I may bung one on and see how it sits with me.


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:scared2: mine came with. . . . "if you can read this your to close" :asskicking: and a lovely little sticker saying kenwood right alonf the top of my windscreen! it didnt even have a stereo in it :lmfao:

took me ages to get them off, and each day i drive my car now i thik god that guy must've looked a right **** lol it feels good to get the car back to a nice clean standard look.
would consider a audi-sport.net one (to help contribute to site) if they came in a dif colour just dont think the red blue would go nice on back window of a gold car!:eyebrows:

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I have a ASN sticker in my back window.
Dont like it when you see loads stickers all over a car as some one said kenwood etc etc.

I'll post a photo up later when im home i need to take one


EDIT: Saw a Citroen C4 VTS (i think it said). Had a sticker saying 'Go on then **** head over take me!'


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Made my mind up... gonna plonk a Revo one on the back.... thats all the Lada's over here will see :jester:

Will post a pic when said graphic is on.
Revo All The Way Baby! :superman:

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This is mine frount and back all I have is the a.s.n sticker on it and a new tax disc holder. All other stickers/ badges removed :)


P.s My coustom pod is for sale if anyone is interested (shamless plug):whistle2: