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Who does quality (non die cut decals )?

fozworth Nov 19, 2010

  1. fozworth

    fozworth Registered User

    I'm after a a couple of decals with the S line script but don't want the normal die cut type where the silver s is layered over the top of the red block . I would like a printed decal with a transparent background. Anyone know who does them. E bay is a no as there all from hongkong and I've given up with trying to get a answer.
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  3. stickertone

    stickertone Registered User

    you wont get these, unless the car is silver and the s-line script is clear to allow the colour of the car show through. you cant print a silver onto clear vinyl as it just comes out grey.... however, it is more sucsessfull when printed onto white background (altough not perfect) . the best wayis to layer them and get the colours correct.

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